Mary’s Children is a community activity program not a medical facility. The
program is in session from 9:30am until 3:30pm Monday through Friday.
Our morning activities consist of group and individual activities to encourage
physical movement and social interaction.
Afternoon activities are cognitive in nature and are carefully planned to suit the
functional ability level of our students from day to day.

Who we serve:

As family and friends of those with brain injuries, we know that medical care has
advanced to the point that babies with cerebral palsy and children and adults
with brain injuries are surviving to live a normal life expectancy. In a good
percentage of cases, there are residual problems depending on the area of the
brain that is affected. These problems vary from memory loss to paralysis.
When only part of the brain is involved and the rest is unaffected, it often leads
to limitations and frustrations.

When the injured areas cause obvious symptoms, joining “normal” society
becomes difficult, if not impossible.  In addition, returning to jobs and spouses is
not considered “realistic” by society either.  What we have then is a group of
survivors of brain damage who have worked hard to become normal, only to be
rejected by our society.

Because brain injury usually results in family disruption, there is a great need for
caring and supportive communities where families can work together to help
their brain injured spouse or child reach their full potential, and where they can
learn to accept that “full potential” as a gift from God, even if society considers it
less than “quality life”.  

At Mary’s Children we offer the caring and supportive community that your loved
ones need and deserve. We work with your loved ones to help them improve
their quality of life, their self esteem, and their confidence, giving them the
support they need to participate and enjoy every day life.
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